Prak-tis Swing Path Guide 

Prak-tis Swing Path Guide 

Why buy the Prak-tis Swing Path Guide? 
The Prak-tis Swing Path Guide helps train the optimal swing path.  
Whether you are looking for a visual guide to swing on a more into out path, the feeling of an out to in path or just a neutral and balanced swingpath the two x 49cm long curves set on a 14 degree curvature will provide this. 

The Prak-tis Golf Training Aid Range 

Our range of putting and alignment aids are designed to make you a better more consistent golfer. 

Prak-tis Stand Alone Putting Template 


Prak-tis Perfect Putting Complete Kit 


Prak-tis Consistent Set Up 


Prak-tis Pro Complete Kit 


Prak-tis Swing Path Guides 

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