What people are saying about Prak-tis 

I’ve been using it to practice over the last couple of weeks and it’s the first training aid I’ve felt that helps me to set up correctly. 
It’s really easy to use and make my practice so much more productive. I really like the fact you can use this training aid for every aspect of the game.  
Great training aid! 
James Elliot 
Just went round Sunbury 9 hole in 44, which is 3 better than my best ever. 
All because of more accurate drives and fairway wood shots which came about from 3 things. 
1) better feet positioning apart and angle. 
2) better ball position relative to feet (ie ball slightly more right of my left foot as you described) 
3) shoulder rotation - I think before I was just using my arms. (saw this on you tube). 
The first two were certainly helped by the kit, which I have taken down the range twice now. 
Colin Reeve 
"Having used Prak-tis for some time now it really gives me the confidence to know I am setting up correctly and takes away the doubt over any set up inconsistencies. It goes with me wherever I am playing in whichever country as it sits nicely in my golf bag." 
Steve Speller Leading PGA coach 
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